Welcome to my SFI/TripleClicks TEAM Network. This is how we explode our SFI down lines.
We are a group of people that are following the Sfi Team Plan.
My name is Kevan Brock. Welcome Newbies/Beginners you need look no further.
I have developed this site and tested 1000′s of sites, wasted 1000′s of hours testing the
good from the bad since 2010.
I am not upgraded at all the sites you see listed here, Funds will not let me as yet :)
I have done all the work for us all. Just follow the plan, promoting building and earning.
Follow along with me, Join in my downlines of the programmes I am in, which are in
Banner form and links, and I cannot see why you should not make money in 2014
by promoting our primary websites, SFI and Triple Clicks as well as the others.

I am building down lines at lots of different sites I belong to.
My goal is to be upgraded at them all in the next six to twelve months..
Getting random referrals who I send welcome emails to, Plus send them to here.
If you are here and are not yet a member of SFI then see below and follow the steps.
Step #1: Sign up FREE
http://www.sfi4.com/11972449.7775/Real2 once a member of sfi go to step 2 below.
Step #2: Connect with me at my ECA Website.
SFI is not complicated it is a simple programme really.
Refer. Sponsor. Duplicate. Learning as you go along doing the things in SFI by
making sure you log in everyday, and do the to-do-list and launch pad program at least.
You can see my main leads generating sites by clicking on the banners here on this page.
My advice is to join them through my links of course. Then get your downlines to join
through your links. Sorted :)

No need to make it more complicated.

If you’re fed up with your job, struggling online, and spending all your hard earned  money
on products that DON’T WORK…
This Method will be a breath of fresh air.. “Copy The Exact Method I Use To
CASH and finally earn money on line, The Easy Way!” Rinse and Repeat or as we say in
SFI Duplication is the KEY

THREE STEP PLAN. How to achieve at SFI.

1.     Set up your standing order at SFI. Make your self an (EA) I use the (IAHBE) 1500VP
You can also use  https://www.tripleclicks.com/search/vendor/tcdirect

I suggest also if you can, some TCredits. Then use these to pay for items in the auctions.
2.    Click an SFI Banner to sign up FREE.  Or of course use the link above.
If you wish a site like this also please go to [HERE] and place your order.
I will get back to you with in 24 hrs. You will need to get a domain name of choice from
Go Daddy or Name Cheap there are others but those are the ones I use.

3.     Make sure to log in daily to SFI.  Do your daily to-do-list plus your Launch pad daily tasks.
Then spend half an hour daily connecting with new A2A members.
Reply to them sending them to your SFI/TripleClicks new site. As it might be of interest to them.
Also they might follow you into your SFI lead generating sites..

Below are sites that I use every day in my advertising for all sites but main ones SFI/TripleClicks
Click on the banners to join if you are not already members Thank you.